Lovely Halloween - 5 Outfits to rock this Halloween

This year has been definitely a hell of roller coaster for all of us due to Corona and its many restrictions in our lives. Yet, don’t let our mood be ruined because it’s the spookiest time of the year again and which means ... 

Halloween is back!

Even though events are cancelled for now, we can still create that Halloween mood at home and unforgettable memories for our little ones to enjoy the time together. And now finally, let us get to know little about the Day’s origin firstthen we will share some tips and tricks for the upcoming spooky day!  

What is Halloween?

Halloween is a holiday celebrated each year on the 31st October. The tradition most probably originated from the influence of Celtic harvest festivals, specifically the Gaelic festival Samhain celebrated in Ireland, Scotland and the United Kingdom.

Nowadays, Halloween is also known for and associated with activities like trick-or-treat, Halloween costumes, carving pumpkin into jack-o’-lanterns, lighting bonfires, or eating distinctive food such as candy apples.

On this day, many children around the world like to turn into their favourite character by putting on their Halloween costume. Usually, girls dream of becoming a beautiful princess and with our L’ANISÉ’s dresses, you have a chance to make your daughter’s wish come true. Here we have some costume ideas to turn your daughter into the most shining one 

Baby pink/blue dress with pink hair highlights and unicorn make-up

Most of the girls love Barbies, princesses, and fairies. There are some unique girls, who like cars over Barbies, unicorns over princesses. And for those girls you can make the best Halloween costume with only few details.

rose little girl dress for Halloween

More detail about this dress

With this beautiful L’ANISE dress made of tulle and satin, with flowers details, you can use accessories like hair colour (washable), it can be pink, blue, or purple, or three of them to make it more colourful. Make-up is also an important detail to complete your daughter’s magical look.  

pastel blue girl dress with tulle skirt for Halloween

More detail about this dress

Blue dress with white hair wig and Cinderella crown

Does exist any girl who, for once at least, did not dream of being a princess, even just for a day. We grew up dreaming of beautiful dresses and shiny crown, living our fairy tale. Make your daughters feel like a princess with our beautiful dress, made of satin, tulle, and flower details.

pastel blue girl dress for Halloween

More detail about this dress

Complete the look with a crown accessory, and simplistic make up. Hair is also a girl’s biggest concern when it comes to events or celebrations.  

White dress, angel wings

If you are looking up to dress your daughter as an angel, we have the perfect idea for you. White, short tulle dress with transparent sleeves and a light neckline. Decorated with a white ribbon on the back and a golden embroidery in the form of a rose, is the perfect Angel dress from our Fairytale Collection.

white angel tulle dress for Halloween

More detail about this dress

All what you need to complete this look is wings, and a halo, which you can easily DIY yourself with store-bought materials, or buy it in a store. If you prefer, you can put some glitter in your girl’s cheeks or some blush.  

Old upper class-fashion “woman” costume

Women’s fashion is always changing and improving from time to time. But most of us are always inspired by the old fashion trends. Our beautiful long grey dress with multi-layered tulle skirt, is inspired from the old fashion trends of upper-class women.

spooky royal dress for Halloween

More detail about this dress

You can complete this look with a hat grey brim which matches perfectly with our dress. 

spooky royal dress for Halloween

More detail about this dress

Bird themed costume 

Our orange and gray dress with the multi-layer skirt, is the perfect choice for your daughter’s Halloween costume. Our dress from the Once Upon a Time collection, is decorated with 3D birds, and combined with the orange and grey hat, which makes it look unique and trendy at the same time.  

spooky girl dress for Halloween

More detail about this dress

The spooky season calls for creative costumes, and even though scary is synonymous to Halloween, it does not mean that your costume must be always frightening.

spooky hat for Halloween

More detail about this item

You can balance it with a heavenly feeling and make it more loving for your little ones. Let your beautiful angles shine even in the spooky season and create unforgettable memories for them with our unique handmade dress with love. We hope these tips helped you make your daughters happy. Until the next blog post, stay safe and healthy. Keep the distance and do not forget to use the essential accessory in these days – your mask. 


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