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All We Need Is Love, right? And health, definitely. Love is the greatest, purest, most profound emotion that connects us with people that we love and care about, and makes a world a better place. The great Valentine’s Day is finally approaching! It’s a holiday of love, couples, but also families and people who love each other. If you’re looking forward to spend the day with your beloved ones and are thinking of some fun and creative activities to do with your little ones, we have some tips for you and your family you could try doing this year!

Dress up for the occasion

Why don’t you dress up with your little one, maybe try a matching mommy-daughter look for the day? It’s an excellent opportunity for your princess to look like her mommy, and that makes so much fun. There’s no need to dress up only for fancy occasions, but also when staying at home. Not only will you both feel exceptional while hanging out and playing together, but you can also take beautiful family photos. And all you need is a phone, some balloons, and treats.

Fancy Girl dress special ocassion

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If you’re looking for some inspiration to dress up your little one, we have some tips for you as well. Valentine’s Day is associated with red, pink, purple colors. They’re also colors of princesses, so why not turning your daughter into one? We have all colors and beautiful designs for you! One of our tip for this cupid’s holiday is, for example, L’ANISÉ Short red festive dress and Short bright pink multi-layer dress that will definitely elevate your girl’s inner beauty. For our dresses, we even offer the dress-rent service that enables you to just simply rent the dress for the occasion and give it back afterwards, instead of buying it. Check our website for more tips and information!  

fancy girl dress special occasion

L'ANISÉ Short red festive girl dress 

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L'ANISÉ Short bright pink flower dress

Get creative together

Not only Valentine’s Day, but also other holidays is a great time to get creative with your kids. And doing some crafting is a great way to spend time together! For example, you can help your sweetheart to create a simple valentine’s card for her daddy! They’re sweet and really simple to make. You just need white paper and some colored pencils. Simply draw some hearts, color them with your pencils, and lastly, add a lovely message.

valentine day's activity for kids

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Valentine Day's ideas for you and your kids

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Valentine's Treats

One of our favorite tips for the whole family is Baking of treats. Kids love baking and playing with the dough, and they will get really excited doing this. For Valentine’s Day, you can opt for various treats of red and pink colours. There are many simple recipes that you can find online and do not require much time to prepare. Our top suggestions include Pink heart-shaped cookies, Strawberry hearts, or Valentine’s cupcakes. For example, if you decide to bake some cookies, finish them with white & pink & red icing that just adds the perfect, finishing touch. Check out Lise’s Mom loves Baking blog to find more inspiration!

valentine day's activities for the children

Perfect Valentine's Day Sugar Cookies on Mom loves Baking blog

Valentine's activities for kids

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We hope you will enjoy the upcoming Valentine’s Day full of love, joy, and warmth with your family and loved ones. Be sure to follow us on social media below to see our latest news and to tag us in your photos @lanise.official for us to see you with your little ones. Until the next post, stay safe and healthy!

Much love from L’ANISÉ Team

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