Interview with the Photographer Anastasia Schmid

Anastasia Schmid or also known as Ana Smith is a professional photographer, who lives and works in Würzburg, Germany. The primary focus of her work is Children's photography and everything that involves family, such as Love Story, Weddings, Pregnancy, Birthday photography, and much more. But that’s not all!

She is not only a great photographer but also a founder of unikatmodels – a unique Model school for children, located in Würzburg. Ana took beautiful pictures of our L'ANISÉ dresses and to appreciate her gorgeous work, we would like to present to you all this talented photographer, who can rock anything by herself: from organising the photo-shooting to creating the set and taking the photos!

girl dresses for special occasions

L’ANISÉ: First of all, can you tell us something about yourself? When and how did you start with photographing?

Ana: I am a freelance photographer and media designer since 2010. What started as a hobby became my profession. When I gave birth to my second child, my husband gave me my first digital camera. That's how it all started. I can proudly say that I am a "self-made woman." Everything I have achieved, I have managed to do by myself.

L’ANISÉ: What does photographing mean to you? And what do you love most about it?

Ana: For me, photographing means to show the world in a creative way, to realize my ideas, and to create a magical result. What I like most is this feeling of being in the "flow".

Festive girl dress with high-low hem

Model Eva Maria from unikatmodels in one of our L'ANISÉ dresses

L’ANISÉ: What feelings do you have when photographing?

Ana: Enthusiasm, of course. It will probably sound strange now, but I don't feel any fatigue while shooting. I forget to eat and drink, I can shoot for several hours without a break, and only when the photoshoot is over - then I feel everything again and realize how tired I really am.

L’ANISÉ: What do you think are your values as a photographer?

Ana: I always try to be fair with myself. I would never photograph something that doesn't match my values, even for a lot of money.

L’ANISÉ: Why “Children Photography” and a family theme?

Ana: It's very simple, actually. I have three children and they are my favorite models to have in front of my camera. I have already gained so much experience that I can apply to all families or children. 

girl in a pink dress with multi layer skirt for special occasions

L’ANISÉ: What was the biggest challenge of working as a photographer for you so far?

Ana: My biggest challenge was a product photoshoot for an advertising agency. I had to photograph carbon details. Black carbon tube with black pattern in 3 black tones and everything should have been recognizable. After this photoshoot, I decided that I will never photograph carbon again. In general, I prefer to photograph people rather than products.

long girl dress for special occasions

L’ANISÉ: From what we have seen so far, you have a number of great creations. Can you tell us something about your projects? Which one has been your “favorite” so far? What are your latest projects?

Ana: I have quite a few favorite projects, but my favorite was probably my trip to France. With my "Unikat-Modell's" team, we were on a model tour, and we did a series of photoshoots in Cote d' Azur, also in Monaco. This year I focused on stock photography. I liked that it was not only about photographing, but more about creating a whole story; thinking about all the little things and writing concepts. I see myself in the future as an art director and not just a photographer.

girl in a long purple dress for special occasions

L’ANISÉ: Photography, same as fashion, is about aestheticism. What does beauty mean to you and how do you perceive beauty?

Ana: I see beauty everywhere - light, shadow, smile, or facial wrinkles - there is so much beauty around us. You just have to learn to pay attention to it and see it. There is a saying: two people look out of the window. One sees the dirty puddles, the other sees the shining moon.

girl dresses for special occasions

L’ANISÉ: As in any creative industry, we believe it must be difficult to stay productive all the time. Where do you find inspiration for your photos?

Ana: Everywhere. Pinterest, work from my colleagues, photo stocks - everything that inspires me is saved and used as inspiration at some point.

pink girl dress for special occasions

L’ANISÉ: What’s the most important thing you want your potential clients to know about you and your work?

Ana: I prepare the whole photo shoot from the very beginning. If necessary, I make several phone calls to the clients to discuss what exactly their child and partner should wear, or what accessories would be more suitable for the dress. I always remain friendly and often make good friends with the clients.

girl in festive pink dress

L’ANISÉ: How do you plan your time for an upcoming photo shooting?

Ana: I prepare everything I need in time. I photograph professionally for more than 10 years. All the procedures are already routine. If I'm shooting in a certain location, I make sure to check it out beforehand to find all the best corners and to see what the best lighting conditions are and at what time of day. That's really essential.

L’ANISÉ: Who or what inspires you the most?

Ana: The people themselves, my friends and family, different movies and yes, even advertising. You can find inspiration everywhere.

L’ANISÉ: Lastly, can you tell us the message behind your photos?

Ana: I like to photograph people who say they are not photogenic. I love showing them the other "I" of themselves. A world as I see it with my eyes and so convince people that they are beautiful.

girl in a yellow festive long dress with a high-low hem


Thank you a lot for this interview, Ana! We appreciate the photos you created for us and wish you lots of success for future shots. Hope to collaborate with you soon again! Until the next post, please stay safe and healthy!

Much love from L'ANISÉ Team!

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