L’ANISÉ Boho Spring Collection 2020

Hello my darlings,

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's day and a great time with your loved ones!

To make you even happier I would like to announce the launch of our L'ANISÉ Boho Spring Collection 2020 and James Lakeland Spring Collection. The new collections will be available in our Frankfurt showroom and online store starting from this week.

Our L'ANISÉ Boho Collection is characterised by its casual, airy cut, and comfort, made from 100% cotton, with the summery colour palette and the unique details. Each garment is an eye-catcher, whether through a coloured 3D element, frills or a multicoloured motives. The colour palette of the collection is varied and includes colours such as red, various shades of blue, cream, yellow and turquoise/green.
The bohemian aesthetic does not only refer to Flower Power children dancing in concerts, but is also an inspiration from the nature we neglect, from the spring pines, from the earth we all belong to. It is the most romantic notions of bohemian style that take shape in the L'ANISÉ Boho Spring Collection 2020 in exquisitely elegant and non-ethnic clothing.

The James Lakeland Spring Collection, on the other hand, shines with its variety of patterns. Just as spring, our James Lakeland Spring Collection embodies joy, intense colours, great patterns and flower power, as well as airy blouses, jumpsuits and dresses that blow in the wind as we ride our bikes through the streets.

I wish you a wonderful week! Stay curious for what's about to come this week!

With love,
Your Elisa

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