L'ANISÉ Holiday Photoshoot

At L’ANISÉ we believe in the potential of the right dress for the right occasion. We create dresses for the little girls of today who will become the strong women of tomorrow. We stand by them not only as they develop a unique sense of taste, but also as they grow up, learn how to speak up and achieve what they want in life. 

This November a part of our L’ANISÉ team took a trip to Würzburg to meet the girls who take ballet classes at Modernes Tanztheater Fly - Würzburg and have a professional photoshoot together. The beautiful setups enriched with the girls’ collaboration created a very festive mood. Right on time to try on our holiday collection. 

We witnessed our first and youngest model, the three-year-old Jana, literally transform throughout the session. Shy at the beginning in the red dress with floral embroidery, she quickly blossomed into a joyful little girl who clearly felt comfortable to be there and just be herself. Potentially one of the sweetest moments we’ve come across was when, after changing into the sleeveless pink dress embedded with pearls and stones, she saw the space decorated with a whole lot of snow. She undoubtedly had a lot of fun there and also loved the dress as it was made of a lot of ruffles resembling cotton candy. 

Kaliah was our next guest. At first, she put on a knee long red dress with handmade sequined embroidery which fit her perfectly and matched her natural rich curls. She looked simply stunning, yet she stepped timidly towards the camera. Doing a few twirls helped her warm up and get more confident. Kaliah brought light to the space decorated with red elements and a gorgeous Christmas tree emphasizing the gleaming red dress with a special heart shaped cut at the back. Afterwards she changed into a high-low pink dress with a lot of stones and handmade embroidered flowers in the upper part and many layers made of tulle in the lower part, a dress which she also rocked. 

Lara cooperated beautifully. With her bright wide smile and long thick hair, wearing a red dress made of ruffles and a lot of handmade embroidered sequins in the upper part, she was the definition of a positive attitude, willing to give her best and also to have fun. She twirled and danced and played in the snow, making all of her presence so easy and delightful to catch on camera. 

Nadya conquered our hearts with her sweet smile and surprised us with spontaneous splits. She wore a pink dress with layers, ruffles and a white bow on one side. She wore it beautifully. With a lot of confidence, she danced and moved, making the camera love her. She also changed into a gold high-low hem dress which was a perfect size. The moment we told her to picture herself at home dancing to “Let it go” as if nobody else were watching, she unleashed such a powerful expression of personality. 


For Elisa we quickly found a one-shoulder blue dress with a white glittery bow on the side to match her big blue eyes. Her soft and gentle way of being warmed up the room. In spite of seeming very reserved through most of the photoshoot, her eyes were beaming with excitement and her smile was pure and heartwarming. She also enjoyed the snow as much as all the other girls.

Alina’s laughter lit up the whole room. The camera simply loved her charisma and her playful spirit. If we were to hold a party, we would definitely want Alina to be present. Pure joy in her voice and sparkle in her eyes, she was contributing to the photoshoot with her own style and so much character.

Last but not least came Natalie. Her graceful dancing left us completely speechless. There was something so mesmerizing about her movements and her attitude. Right away she wore the same high-low pink dress as Kaliah, with so much presence. Then she wore a long white dress with the neckline decorated with feathers and sequined embroidery on the upper part. Everyone could tell she transmitted queen vibes. 

This photoshoot was a beautiful experience in every aspect. We saw some very disciplined and responsible little girls who cooperated with commitment. We were delighted to watch them happily put on dresses and pretend to live in a magical winter fairytale. Maybe at first a bit self-conscious and a tiny bit gawky, they were totally glowing by the end of it. We got so much inspiration by watching them. 

In a world where girls receive confusing external messages regarding beauty, we should remind them that they are unique, that they are enough and always worthy of love. And most importantly that beauty, despite often being admired on the outside, comes from within. From a heart full of dreams which translates into a smile, from an honest generous act which makes the eyes glow, from pursuing a passion, from making mistakes and learning, from all the things that build character and a life of purpose.

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