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Sometimes we don’t realize how fast time really flies until we look at our little darlings. Children grow up so quickly that it is difficult for us parents to see our kids becoming adults suddenly. So, that’s why we want to provide all mums out there an opportunity to enjoy the unforgettable moments as beautiful princesses with their little girls as long as possible. Our L’ANISÉ team has been working hard on our new project, and we’re extremely proud to share all the great news with you! ... The launch of our new MADE TO MEASURE tailoring service! 

Made to Measure Tailoring Service


With the fashion industry expanding over the past couple of decades, the Made-To-Measure service has become more and more popular amongst people. Although one might think that customising their clothes must be expensive or unaffordable, that’s definitely not the case! Customised garments are in fact less expensive despite all the extra custom work. L’ANISÉ always strives to deliver the best dresses and experience to our customers. And with our new service, you get the opportunity to create and customize the dress of your dreams.

If you’re looking for an exclusive handmade dress for yourself or your girl to wear for any special event, for example, a wedding anniversary, birthday party, communion or many others, you can rely on us. It’s a lifetime opportunity where you can play a part in designing your own beautiful dress and discover a world of dress customising!

customising tailor service

One of L'ANISÉ examples of customised dresses duo for little princess and her mommy queen

Customised service has many great benefits and we love and appreciate the chance of bringing it out to you. It’s also the first time we’re collaborating with our customers, and the idea sounds super exciting already! But if you’re still asking yourself, “Why to customise a dress when you can just buy one instead?” we’ll answer your question in the following article.

Why to customise a dress?

1. Perfect fit

The best dress is definitely the one that just fits one perfectly, wouldn’t you agree? Sometimes it sits well, but it’s too long, or the dress looks nice, but it’s not available in your size. Everyone has surely been through the struggle to find that perfect dress either for you or your little princess at least once in their life.

However, with our new Made To Measure service, you get a dress tailored to your exact measurements and proportions that will fit you or your girl just perfectly. Customising a dress offers an exclusive option for you not only to look unique and special, but also to feel beautiful and most comfortable at the same time. For the measurements, either you can take them by yourself at home and send them to us, or you can make an appointment to get the measurements done by our expert stylist in our showroom if you’re unsure about how to do it correctly.

customised girl dress

Customised girl dress for birthday in Alice in Wonderland style

2. Design your own dress

The beauty of MADE-TO-MEASURE service is that we craft a dress especially for you. We offer you the possibility to select every aspect of your dress: from the style, fabric, to color and embellishments. You can pick from our high-quality materials in various colors.

L'ANISÉ customised dresses

L'ANISÉ customising service

L'ANISÉ is all about the details

We use a wide range of exclusive fabrics, from organza to tulle, silk and satin, which create the perfect details. Here at L’ANISÉ, we believe that for a unique dress, it’s relevant to pay great attention to these smallest features as they design your dress. Show also your own personal style by adding luxurious embellishments and embroidery, such as blooming flowers, Swarowski stones, pearls, floating butterflies, or many more.

3. Exclusive dress

Have you ever wished to take a look into the fashion world? How do experts design or create new clothing pieces? With us, you can be the designer of your own dress and express your individuality by creating it yourself. You have the idea of your dream dress and we help you to transform it all the way from the sketches into reality!

If you wish to adjust the length, add sleeves, or changing the silhouette; anything is possible in our atelier to make your wishes come true. For the most unique experience, you can even add a finishing, personal message such as special date, your child’s name or its initials to make it exclusively yours.

L'ANISÉ customizing service


It was our honour to customise 4 gorgeous dresses for our customer Jerome and her 3 lovely daughters for the family's very special occasion. It was for their beautiful photo-shooting celebrating the 10th wedding anniversary! 🥰

customising dress service

customised girl dress

customised dress service

 customised dress service

customising dress service 














customising dress service

Now that we’ve presented to you our new Made To Measure service and have shown you its greatest advantages, we would also love to explain how customising process works. The whole process is super easy and time-efficient. Let’s get into it!

1. Initial consultation

We approach every design individually and are here to advise and guide you with the choice of cut, fabrics, embroideries, and embellishments. For the one and only experience, we can even create a personalized label or signature on your dress. If you’ve decided to take the first step to get your perfect dress, or to use dress customizing as a special gift idea for someone exceptional, contact us simply via Email, Whatsapp, or on our Social Media to make an appointment to plan and design your desired dress. Our expert Anisa will passionately help you with the whole process! 

2. Sketch

At the end of our initial consultation, we’ll provide you with a personalised sketch of your dress.

customise dress service

An example of the personalised sketch for our customers

3. Body measurements

If you approve of the sketch, we’ll get into the measurement of your details afterward. You can either get your measurements done by an expert stylist in our showroom or take them at home simply by using our online size chart guide, and send them to us.

customised dresses

Use our size chart to take your measurements effortlessly

4. Customer order

At this point, we'll send you the estimated time frame with delivery details for your dress. However, in order to start the process, a deposit of 50% will need to be paid, either by PayPal or other payment types.

5. Final dress review

As soon as we receive your customised dress, you can either come and try it on in our showroom, or we’ll send you the pictures of your unique piece to review.

6. Payment and shipping

If you’re satisfied with your final dress and don’t have any other remarks, we’ll ask you to make the remaining payment. After completing the payment, we’ll send you the final order details and delivery information.

7. Getting your dream dress


What do you think of our new Made To Measure service so far? We hope the demonstration of the customising working process was simple for you to understand and follow. We would like to know your opinion and answer your questions or any of your remarks in the section below, or on our Social Media platforms.

Our L’ANISÉ team aspires to create exclusive and high-quality dresses for you, but also to deliver exceptional customer care and experience at the same time. With our new customised tailoring service, it’s a great opportunity and pleasure for us to get inspired by you this time, while working together on your dream dress.

This is a lifetime opportunity from us for you to become the gorgeous queen for your princess, and we hope you will enjoy this unique experience with us as much as we will. Just click on the button to contact us via the form or any our platforms and we'll instantly get in touch with you! Be sure to follow us on our social media as well to see our latest news. Until the next post, stay safe and healthy!

Much love from L'ANISÉ Team!

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