Outfit ideas on how to dress your little ones for holidays this year

Christmas is right around the corner and when would be the better occasion to doll up your little angels than for this special occasion? It is finally the most magical time of the year we’ve all been waiting for. Especially this year; a year full of changes, restrictions, obscurity, and not knowing what tomorrow will bring to us. Yet despite all the things that have been going on around us this whole year, why not take a break from it all and make this Christmas a memorable one? Christmas this year will be probably different, but its magic never ends, and so the loving holiday spirit should be maintained despite anything.

When we think of Christmas, we picture Christmas tree, presents, all the delicious food as well as the celebrations in the festive spirit around our family. It’s the time of the year where everyone gets together to celebrate and share happiness with one another. This special occasion comes only once a year and it gives us chance to feel fabulous and all extra.

Emerald green festive girl dress special occasion

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Many mums out there have been surely excited to dress up their little angels into the finest dresses. Do not skip the most beautiful time of the year, embrace the special circumstances this year and enjoy the time to the fullest with your little ones and family. With everything being cancelled and no special events to attend, you can still get your boys and girls dressed up in their fancy suits and beautiful luxurious dresses for those family photos at home. Capture those precious moments to remember that love and togetherness still remains. If you’re still quite unsure what to buy for your little ones this year, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In the following post, we’ll show you some of our outfit tips how to dress your angels for the upcoming special occasion.

Scarlet red princess dress

Would Christmas be complete without festive colors which are associated with this time of the year? Definitely not. And red is one of the traditional holiday colors that must be undoubtedly present during this time. It’s a perfect color for Christmas as it evokes merriment and joy. If you want your little girl to stand out in any crowd and be the bold princess of any special occasion, opt for a dress with bright red color which will add that splash of joy to your celebrations.

Short red festive girl dress for special occasions

L'ANISÉ Red festive dress 

Our opulent red short dress with an extraordinary balloon skirt and feathers on the shoulders adds enough touch to your angels to channel their beauty and let them be the enchanting princess of the night. The dress comes additionally with a matching hair bow embellished with scarlet red feather that finishes off the look.

Emerald green festive dress

Another color which brings the magical element to this time of the year is certainly green. It evokes the Christmas spirit by reflecting the color of a beautiful Christmas tree and the nature. Green dress is another perfect option that is easy to wear, and you can’t really go wrong with this one as well.

Emerald green festive girl dress for special occasions

L'ANISÉ Emerald green festive dress 

Let your daughter shine and feel beautiful even in a less “girly” color such as green in our emerald green festive dress; with a satin bodice, multi-layered tulle skirt, the dress is perfectly brought together by additional festive touch of a golden bow at the waistline, embellished with golden sequins. Complete the look with a matching hair bow that adds the finishing touch to elevate any dress to its maximum potential.

Gold festive dress with sequins

If you want your little angel to look extra and fancy, definitely opt for gold sequins and beige details. Gold is another color besides red and green that cannot be missing on Christmas.

gold festive dress with sequins

L'ANISÉ Gold festive dress

Our L’ANISÉ gold festive dress is one way for you to achieve the angel look for toddlers and your little princesses. With a playful fit, short multilayered tulle skirt and golden sequins, decorated by beige lace details on the skirt, additional big golden ribbon at the waistline and a big gold sequin bow on the back, this dress is a perfect piece for any princess for a fairy-tale Christmas dress. The dress is already full of details with the beige lace, glittery golden bow, and a hair bow rounding off the whole outfit that additional accessories is not necessary.

Gold-and-White Party Gown

If you’re a fan of mixed colors and prefer these over monochromatic looks, this gold-and-white festive dress is ideal for your little girl. Featuring a dress with combination of white tulle skirt and golden sequins, this piece creates a perfect, luxurious, festive look.

Festive girl dress with white tulle skirt and golden sequins - Girl dress for special occasions

L'ANISÉ Festive girl dress with golden sequins

The top is made of sparkling golden sequin that extends to the skirt, creating a peplum illusion. With the finishing touches of a big white ribbon at the waistline and a white big bow at the back, this dress will transform your cute little princess into the star of the night and let her stand out for all the right reasons in this decorative piece.

Brown festive suit

What would be a princess without a charming prince next to her? Now that you've transformed your girls into princesses, it’s time to make your boys shine by her side, and we have a perfect idea how you can achieve that. With our brown festive luxurious suit made with great attention to details, consisting of a jacket with four buttons, a pair of matching pants, and a blue button shirt, your boy will be the most handsome little one out there. Add finishing touches to the outfit with a beautiful bow tie embellished with golden and blue sequins.

If you have a boy and a girl, our tip is to match your boy’s brown festive suit with our gold festive dress and voilà there you have the matching stars for holiday seasons.

Brown festive suit gold festive dress with sequins

L'ANISÉ Brown festive suit matched with Gold festive dress

White tuxedo boy suit

White is always an easy option to go with any other color. If you like the clean, minimal yet elegant look for your boys, we have another great outfit idea for your little angels that will definitely grab the attention of others.

white tuxedo boy for special occasion

L'ANISÉ White tuxedo suit matched with Red festive dress

The elegant look can be achieved with our white tuxedo suit, consisting of a white tuxedo blazer with beige buttons, a pair of matching trousers, and a white button shirt. Finish off your boy’s look with a beautiful bow tie in the matching color to round off the outfit. Our tip is to match the white tuxedo with our short red festive dress in which the bold red elegantly complements the white innocence.

Christmas marks the festivity of the season which calls for gorgeous dresses and suits for your little angels. When it comes to Christmas dresses, don’t be afraid of ruffles, glitters, or any extra layers, but keep in mind, comfort is the key. Fortunately, our L’ANISÉ Dresses from Holiday collection have it both -                the dresses are designed with both style and comfort.

We hope these tips inspire you to beautifully dress your girls and boys and will help to create unforgettable memories for you all. Enjoy Christmas and the festive spirit with your family and all beloved ones. Until the next post – stay safe and healthy. We will see you soon.

Team L’ANISÉ wish you all merry Christmas and peaceful holidays!




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