Most children like to draw, sing and dance, read or do arts and crafts. But what all children love is to play. And how they really figure out the world that surrounds them is through pretend play. This type of activity also makes them more aware of what they like or dislike, as well as their abilities. Their imagination intertwines with their observations of the world thus creating magical characters in unusual setups. A plain white sofa for an adult brings a whole lot of potential to a child. It can become a pirate ship, a veterinary practice, a princess’s room and so much more. Sometimes all at once. At an early age, through pretend play children develop crucial skills for their own future and for the future of work such as problem solving, creativity, flexible thinking, emotional intelligence and collaboration.

With this in mind, take time, or better yet, make time for uninterrupted play this spooky season.

Here is an idea on how to celebrate: organise your own Spooktacular Halloween Ball

You could set the mood by continuing the following story, but feel free to get as creative as you want.

Once upon a time, in a faraway kingdom, there lived a girl named Kai. On Halloween, she woke up with adventure on her mind. Kai wanted to attend tonight’s ball, but first she needed to dress up as a princess.

There are three aspects you need to take care of:

1. Decorate

Turn the living room or any space you have available into a magical ballroom. You can use what you already have lying around. For example, cut and paint sparkly paper butterflies or spiders, carve out stars into a pumpkin as shown here, bring the cuddly toys to the party and assign them names and tasks, sprinkle some fairy dust all over the place. 

2. Dress up

Adorable costumes can help everyone get into character. Here are ours.





3. Prepare some snacks

Have some quick bites ready to match the theme of the day, but don’t get too overwhelmed with fancy recipes. The most important things you bring to the table are your time and undivided attention. And maybe a charcuterie board. 

You can get inspired here (Pinterest). 





Not only is a princess destined to live happily ever after, she also has the power to stretch her imagination and reach for anything she dreams of. As Aggie Cromwell from Halloweentown put it, “magic is really very simple, all you’ve got to do is want something and then let yourself have it.” So let your girl play princess or anything she imagines.

Tell us how you spend Halloween this year in the comments section.

Much love from L'ANISÉ Team!

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