Spring is coming - Spring Looks 2020

Hello my dears,

the holidays are over and we begin to long for spring. The birds are chirping, the flowers are sprouting, the sun provides us with vitamin D again, we ride our bikes instead of our cars and it is neither too cold nor too hot.
We can slowly look forward to wearing our favourite floral patterns and colourful dresses, sunglasses and light jackets, enjoying the large selection of shoes, creating great outfits! Be it light boots, sneakers, pumps or sandals - the going out season is almost here. You can get excited for the new trends coming up in 2020, because it's going to be multicoloured and wild.

The trend colour for the new year is: "Classic Blue". The classic blue is suitable for everyday use and it always works well, whether as a dress, XL blazer with shorts or denim looks. Other trend colours of the year are bright red and pink, earthy tones such as beige, green, white and cream tones.

This year, the oversized XL blazer is once again an eye-catcher and is worn in all possible variations. Be it with long, extravagant and voluminous sleeves, in leather look or as a dress.

Combine the XL blazer with shorts, because they are also an essential item this year! Already last summer we spotted fashion-conscious women in cycling shorts or leather/imitation leather shorts. This year we will wear them all, whether elegantly with a crop top and an XL blazer or casually with an oversized t-shirt or shirt.

Leather, leather, leather - it's getting wild! The leather jackets are back in the trend this year, because no matter where we look, we will find leather jackets. Especially popular are the dark, wide cut models as well as leather shirts and leather blazers. Combine a plain, long oversized leather shirt with Dr. Martens boots and a rocking, playful waist belt or combine a leather top with loose-fitting leather pants and open sandals.

These boots are made for walking, girls! Cowboy boots are a must have this year! This year we combine them with airy spring dresses, with wild patterns and stylish shorts. They can be combined especially well in simple colours.

I hope I could give you a little insight into the upcoming trends of the year.
Be curious about the new dresses of the spring/summer collection 2020!

I wish you a wonderful and sunny day!

Your Elisa

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