Spring/Summer Dresses 2020

Uhlala - these dresses are awaiting us in the coming weeks Ladies! After the last weekend, when we reached temperatures of 15 degrees Celsius, I think we can finally say goodbye to winter and welcome the spring.
This year in the fashion cities of the world you can see people wearing trendy maxi length dresses with extravagant and voluminous cuts, various prints, powerful colours.

  1. Dresses with balloon sleeves
    This year it will be extravagant, because the voluminous balloon sleeves give your look that special something. Celebrities like the singer Lady Gaga and US actress Renée Zellweger already shone in the balloon sleeve look. Oscar winner Renée Zellweger chose a pink, off-the-shoulder silk mini dress with balloon sleeves for the annual "Grants Banquet" charity event, while Lady Gaga appeared at the Governors Awards in a floor-length black dress with balloon sleeves.

  2. Flower prints
    Flower power, back to the '70s! - this year's theme is "The more flowers on the dress, the better". The popular flower prints are often combined with the folklore trend, but also work with other cuts. James Lakeland is showing the way with his "Floral Mandarin Collar Dress".

  3. Colourful, colourful, colourful are all my dresses
    Whether a bright red like the sunset, blue like the clear sea or green forest tones - it becomes colour intensive. This look is not for reserved women, because in this look you will attract all eyes. Emily Ratajkowski is the best example, because she left a wedding party all in bright yellow and a wow-décollete! Make sure to check out the bright red James Lakeland Long Sleeve Wave Hem Dress of our current James Lakeland Spring/Summer Collection 2020.

  4. Dresses with polka dots
    The sweet Polka Dots look has reached us ladies this year and gives us women a feminine chic without exaggeration. Polka Dots are no longer exclusively for girls, so say yes to Polka Dots ! Combine them in your everyday life with simple sneakers, cute sandals or pumps.

  5. Batik dresses
    The 90s kids will still know them - the batik dresses! They will be back this year, but not as exaggerated and trashy as back then. If you like individuality, you can easily make the batik look like in the 90s yourself.

  6. Leather, leather, leather - it gets wild!
    The designers of the fashion industry have discovered their passion for leather and are currently designing clothes made of leather in every shape and form. Be it a shirt dress, A-line, maxi dress or a tight-fitted one with balloon sleeves - the main focus is on leather. For women who value the environment and animal welfare, there are dresses made of artificial or recycled leather.

I hope you are all the more looking forward to the warm temperatures and the first rays of sunshine to be able to dress up soon more lightly.

I wish you a relaxing weekend and lots of love from the old town of Frankfurt!

With love,
Your Elisa


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    I loved this post, you really have a great style. I actually have some of those dresses in my wish list and I think, this will help me to decide which ones to go for best clothes for summer

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