Who run the World? – Girls, Girls, Girls!

Who run the World? – Girls, Girls, Girls!

For several decades we women have been celebrating the International Women's Day on March the 8th each year, for which we had to fight for a very long time. Since last year in Berlin, as well as in other countries, this day become a legally recognised holiday. Since 1911, we women have been fighting for equal rights for all sexes and took to the streets to demand our rights. In particular, the right to vote for women, introduced in 1919, was decisive and a very great success. In the course of the previous years, issues such as equal-pay for the same work, maternity leave and reduction of working hours without the reduction of wages were dealt with. The women of this world demanded, to use the words of women's rights activist Clara Zetkins, "No special rights, but women's rights". Especially the fight of the 1960s for legal abortion was a very important issue, which is still controversial today.
We women still earn 21% less than men, we have to justify ourselves in abortions and we have to stand up for sexual discrimination - the fight for women's rights continues - for our children and grandchildren.

Our L'ANISÉ team is made up exclusively of women and is fundamentally concerned with issues relating to women and motherhood.
We want to celebrate women all over the world and to celebrate the day we are giving you 50% off the entire L'ANISÉ and James Lakeland range. The offer is valid until march 10, 2020.

Use the following code at the checkout: "WOMEN50".

Let us celebrate today our strength and assertiveness, our beauty and wisdom, our gender. This day is ours! So spend this day with your mothers, sisters, daughters and best friends - cheers to US!

With love,
Your Elisa

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