Yoga for body, mind and soul

Hello my dears,

My blog post today is about yoga and meditation for your work-life balance. Every one of you knows the days when we are constantly stressed, we no longer know where the left and right are, everything and everyone annoys us and we just want time for ourselves. Through the recommendation of a very good friend, I found a way to get through the day in a fundamentally calmer and more balanced manner, to sort my thoughts and not to let myself get upset too quickly.

Yoga comes from India and helps through breathing exercises, meditation, asanas, relaxation and balanced nutrition. Yoga has been helping me to balance my mind, body and soul for several months.

Yoga is about balance - yoga opens the door to inner balance and helps you through dynamic, interrelated exercises through stressful everyday life. Yoga is not only a sport for women, yoga is suitable for everyone, whether man, woman, young or old. Basically, anyone who can breathe can practice yoga. Yoga also has a positive effect on our health - yoga reduces stress, sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, migraines, back problems and circulatory disorders. Basically, yoga helps us, whether on a physical, emotional or mental level, to come to terms with ourselves.

I hope I could give you a little insight into the practice of yoga units and motivate or inspire you to try yoga for yourself. You might also discover your passion for yoga.

Every beginning is difficult and requires a lot of patience and discipline, so brace yourself!
Start your day right! I assure you, you will see progress over the weeks.
You can do it!

In Love,
Your Elisa

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