About us


For as long as I can remember, I have been inspired by confident and independent womenMy idols in life have been women who know who they were and make no apologies for it. Those women were educated and grew up with that mindset from an early age. They become an inspirationshaped the future, the beauty of life itself."

 "My career in fashion has just started, but the love that I have for this industry is so big that I don’t know if it is ever going to end. I decided to start at the beginning, with strong women of the future, who today are the little girls of school benches whose biggest dreams are to become doctors, journalists, or astronauts. Girls who give infinite love to their family, smile so heavenly to their grandparents, and are every day’s blessing of their parents. Girls who say no when they disagree with an idea, girls who raise their voice and fight for their dreams. Strong, smart girls have been my #1 inspiration and these girls are the princesses who will wear the L’ANISE princess dressesLittle citizens of the world who with their power and confidence gained since childhood, will create great things in their life.  

Come to my world



L’ANISÉ tells the great story of love and affection towards our dearest ones; seeing them growing up and looking gorgeous! Home of high end, luxurious, German fashion brand created for little princesses who appreciate highest quality, intricacies of design, and most fashion-forward style. Truly the inspiration of dreams, our gown clothing line offers sophisticated and fashion forward luxury couture designs for the most beautiful and innocent audience.  

The brand’s main value is to unite quality and comfort with a charming image based on the Fairy Tale. Our collections of luxury flower girl, birthday, pageant  and communion dresses arethoughtfully handmade from the best quality materials making the pieces timeless by passing them on to the little sisters and making happy generations of children as a result of the high quality of its after-sales customer care and empathy.  

L’ANISÉ believes that wearing these charming dresses is the way to give the children the feeling of living a fairy-tale dream, creating for them the sweetness and joy of happy childhood while empowering them to feel great. Princesses not only capture our imagination by being elegant and charismatic but can be positive role models for young women showing dedication, intelligence and independence.   

Our vision of a perfect princess little girl's dress is a beautifully made, perfectly fitted gown that is like no one else's.  It’s a design that is new, modern, fresh; that moves, a design that evokes emotions, makes little girls smile with excitement, takes their breath awaywith “the confidence to just be themselves.” 

Thanks to the beautiful special occasion dresses, this brand is created as the reference when it comes to choosing an outfit for different festivities event and ceremonies but brand that is created in the service of beauty and for children can not harm the nature. Our gowns are made by using sustainably sourced materials and we never order more than we need. We manufacture on demand and the result is a sustainable production process that keeps the environment in mind.