L’ANISÉ tells a great story of love and affection towards our dearest ones. Stories of families creating new memories by watching their little ones grow up and allowing us to help them look beautiful and unique in the process. We are home to high end, luxurious, fashion. A German brand created for little princesses who appreciate high quality clothing, intricate designs, and a fashion-forward style. We inspire strength and the pursuit of dreams through a clothing line that offers sophisticated designs and luxury couture for the most beautiful and innocent audience.


L’ANISÉ's main value is that we merge quality and comfort with an ethereal and charming image based on fairytales, where the main character is always a little girl who dreams of one day becoming a strong princess. Our luxury dresses are carefully handmade with the best quality materials. L'ANISÉ was also created to be the reference for beautiful, special occasion dresses. When it comes to choosing an outfit for a special event or ceremony, we are here to support you with unique designs. We believe that our dresses give children the opportunity of living their own customized fairytale. We provide them the sweetness and joy of a happy childhood while empowering them to feel strong. Princesses not only inspire admiration by being elegant and charismatic but they can also be positive role models for young women by teaching them how to be determined, intelligent and independent.


The vision of a perfect little princess dress is a beautifully made, perfectly fitted and unique gown, certainly suitable for the powerful little girl who wears it. Our designs are aligned with this vision. They are new, modern, and fresh. They evoke emotions and make little girls smile with excitement. Our dresses provide the confidence for her to be who she truly wants to be.


L’ANISÉ also promotes a longer cycle of life for clothing by creating high quality dresses that become timeless when being passed on to little sisters, making many generations of children happy. Our service is dedicated to promote respect for nature. That’s why all of our unique gowns are made with sustainable materials, we order just the right amount that we need and produce dresses on demand.


 “For as long as I can remember, I have been inspired by confident and independent women. My role models in life were women who deeply know themselves and are unapologetic about who they are. These women were taught from an early age to incorporate this mindset in every aspect of their lives. They became an inspiration for me and many other little girls. Shaping our future and the beauty of life itself.”

"My career in fashion has just started, but the love I have for the industry is so big that I don’t think it’s ever going to end. When I created L’ANISÉ, I decided to go back to the beginning and focus on the strong women of our future. Little girls who today sit on school benches dreaming of becoming doctors, journalists, or astronauts. Girls that love their family infinitely, care for their grandparents so purely and are their parents greatest blessing. These little girls know when to say no, they raise their voice when they disagree with an idea, they help others and fight bravely to achieve their dreams. These strong, smart girls are my number one inspiration for L’ANISÉ. Little princesses who own the power to achieve great things in life and will wear our dresses with the confidence they learned when they were young"