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The power of colors
Why pastel colors?
L'ANISÉ dresses and pastel colors
L'ANISÉ dresses
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The power of colors

Colors have an impact on our mood and emotions. It is something that we are not aware of, but we experience the psychological effect of colors all day long.

For example, in the Winter, when it is cold and cloudy, what we want most is to stay home, watch movies, cover with the coziest blanket we have, and drink hot chocolate. 

drinking hot chocolate in the winter
Photo by Jen P. on Unsplash
 But, when the Spring comes, everything changes. It gets warmer, brighter, and the blossoms give us positive energy that makes us feel free, happy, and so energetic after the cold and depressive weather.
blossom in summer
 Some colors are so soothing for our eyes and mind, the ones that bring in us the soft emotions like love, joy, calmness, and peace – the pastel colors. Because of the high luminance, pastels look very light and give a calming view.
pastel palette

These are some reasons that these colors are chosen by so many companies to represent their brand. Home décor packaging, interior designs, jewelry packages, dessert shops, cosmetic products, fashion are some of those who use pastel colors to bring out the best characteristics of their products.

pastel colors on L'ANISÉ dresses

Pastel colors on L'ANISÉ dresses

Why pastel colors?

We have been using pastel colors since many years ago, but like everything else, also colors go in and out of style. In the past few years, these colors are being used again in:

  • Fashion industry
  • In-home décor
  • Product packages
  • Website designs

Pastels are especially eye-catching for any website or app that has wide empty spaces to fill since they are simple on the eyes and filled with positive associations, as we discussed above.

Home decor in pastel tones
Home decor in pastel tones - Photo by Nynne Schrøder on Unsplash
 In the artistic sphere, though all color patterns are seasonal, this light-colored palette has continued to gain prominence over the years. As it joins hands with minimalist ideals, with popular new shades of delicate pinks, baby blues, pale lilacs, and mint tints, styles in fashion and photography have emerged.

Pastels bring in a gentle serenity that is simple on the eye, a severe contrast to the vivid palettes of the modern world that we are presently overwhelmed by.

L’ANISE dresses and pastel colors

Soft colors create a feeling of warmth and security, which we can link with the feelings we had in our childhood. Pastel colors have a dual personality.

little girls in pastel pink dresses
Little girls in pastel pink dresses from L'ANISÉ
 While capable of maintaining the color vibrancy and clarity that other soft shades frequently lack, pastels are often known for their ability to soothe and relax the viewer. 
Pastel colors reflect a drastic break from the dark and moody colors that have long been closely associated with the wintertime.
 Having the products stand out is one of the main goals of L’ANISE. Bold colors also play a role in making the products salient. In fashion, colors are a powerful tool as they can attract focus, direct the line of sight of your customers, and stir emotions. It is not only bold colors that can be efficient, however. In most of the designs, there has been a growing trend for the use of less dominant colors. 
active little girl in comfortable dress from L'ANISÉ

We use pastel colors to give a feminine feeling, a confident look, and heavenly comfort. Buy this dress

For trendy and sweet looks for your daughters, pastel is the best choice. The natural softness of pastel colors makes a fantastic style for little princesses who want to shine at their birthday parties! The best is that pastel colors are not only for the spring and summer seasons, but you can wear them during any time of the year.

birthday little girls in L'ANISÉ dresses

L’ANISE dresses

L’ANISE Collections are made with great passion and hard work, striving to achieve uniqueness and comfortability.

We offer three collections in unique designs, perfect colors, and great quality.

  • Fairy Tale Collection
  • Feeling of Spring Collection
  • Once Upon A Time Collection
L'ANISÉ collections
 But today, we are going to focus on one of the most favorite collections from our customers, the Fairy Tale Collection. With unique tailoring, and embellishments with flowers, pearls, and jewelry stones, the Fairy Tale Collections, was made with some of the best pastel colors.

Pink dresses

Midi pink princess dress gives your little ones a fairy tale look. With its skirt made of three voluminous tulle layers with ruffles, which add more dimension and movement to the dress, and its top hand-embroidered pink and gray flowers and pearls, makes every girl feel unique and outstanding.

Midi pink dress - L'ANISÉ
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 This in only one of the L’ANISE dresses in pastel pink. We offer different shades of pink and other colors, for the pleasure of our little customers. A bright pink dress is also available in our amazing variety of handmade products.
Bright pink dress - L'ANISÉ
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But not only pink, we also have blue, apricot and purple pastel colors, which are available in different designs and lengths.

Blue dresses

We used not only floral embellishments but also pearls, sequins, and glitter elements to the light blue tulle dresses for a fairy tale look. 

pastel blue girl dresses

Inspired by the girl's most favorite princesses, our dresses are available in different sizes and lengths. The floating layers of soft tulle make the twirling moments on the dance floor magical.

Apricot dresses

Our handmade dresses are embellished with delicacy and attention to the smallest details to make our designs sophisticated and dreamy. The floral embellishments along the waistline complete the princess look and make them enchanting.

Created with the best-chosen materials - tulle and satin

Purple dresses

The purple color is usually associated with royalty, so we thought: “Let’s give our little girls the royal moments of their life!”

“Let’s give our little girls the royal moments of their life!”

We added multiple layers of soft, floating tulle in the purple dresses. The floral details embroidered with love give an extra magical look to our creations.

Lemon dresses

When picking the colors of our designs, we chose the most elegant ones. The pastel yellow color and the tulle skirt create a sophisticated look, which is completed with the floral appliques in pastel colors from the shoulder part to the waistline.

girl in yellow dress

For more available designs, click here to check the stunning dresses that L’ANISE has prepared for you.

In conclusion

With beautiful shades of pastel colors, you can choose the dream dress for your daughters or make the perfect gift for someone. L’ANISE is always at your service to answer all your questions and give you suggestions.

We would like to know your opinion and answer your questions in the section below or contact us on our social media platforms. Until the next post, stay healthy and wait for more surprises from us.

L’ANISE thinks about you. 😊

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