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Sometimes we don’t realize how fast time really flies until we look at our little darlings. Children grow up so quickly that it is difficult for us parents to see our kids becoming adults suddenly. So, that’s why we want to provide all mums out there an opportunity to enjoy the unforgettable moments as beautiful princesses with their little girls as long as possible.

Our  L’ANISÉ team has been working hard on our new project, and we’re extremely proud to share all the great news with you! ... The launch of our new MADE TO MEASURE tailoring service! 🎉   

In the following article, you'll discover the benefits of customised dresses and why you should definitely get yourself and your little princess one!  

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The great Valentine’s Day is finally approaching! It’s a holiday of love, couples, but also families and people who love each other. If you’re looking forward to spend the day with your beloved ones and are thinking of some fun and creative activities to do with your little ones, we have some tips for you and your family you could try doing this year!
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With the unstable and still ongoing pandemic situation, countries worldwide have been applying more orders to ensure citizens' health and safety. These restrictions have significantly affected the lives of many families, mostly families with kids.

Parents have been doing an excellent job creating activities to amusingly engage their little ones. But still, sometimes, it might get challenging to stay at the top of the game. So, for or anyone out there, who has been slowly struggling with new ideas on how to spend time with your girls and boys, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ll share with you 2 of our top tips that can help you create lots of fun at home!

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