Why to rent a dress?

Fashion has been gaining a lot of attention and plays nowadays a more crucial role than ever. For women, it is difficult to find what to wear, especially now in the social media age, where people like sharing their outfits and style. There is a sense of not wanting to wear the same clothes many times. We find ourselves searching on social media for daily outfit ideas, videos of influencers with tips on how to combine a dress, a shirt, or a pair of jeans. And so most of us end up with a full wardrobe of clothes that were worn just once, or not at all!

When you want to attend an event, the most stressful choice you must make is to find the perfect dress, which will not only make you look stunning but also feel comfortable. But sometimes, it is not that easy to find that perfect dress at an affordable price, or you do not want to spend money on a dress that you will not wear anymore. Maybe you have found a dress in the online store, but you are not sure about the quality of the dress. The dress shops are coming up with more innovative ideas than before. One of them is dress renting, which is the most preferred option for women to get the dress they want but have a limited budget. And what is more, dress renting is not only for women but also for little girls.

Our new Dress Renting Service

For your daughter’s birthday, you want to make good memories and a big celebration for her. Choosing the right theme for the party or getting the best decoration might not be an easy decision but choosing the right dress for your little girl is the most challenging one. Children grow up so fast and buying an expensive dress just for a day might not be affordable for you. Also, their style and taste change continuously and they will probably not wear that dress again. We can imagine your struggles and so our team at L’ANISÉ have been working hard to create this opportunity to rent the dress for all mamas out there as well. We want all little princesses to be able to enjoy any event, feeling all beautiful and to be in the spotlight on that special day. Even if it is just for a day, we want to provide this occasion to all angels who definitely deserve to look as lovely as they are. We are proud to launch the renting service for our dresses to create unforgettable memories with you all! Do you still not feel convinced about renting a dress? We will now show you some benefits of renting a dress and why it may be the best option for you.

pink fancy girl dress with tulle skirt

Every girl deserves to feel as a princess

Why to rent a dress?

1. You can save money

With children growing up so fast, it’s very expensive to buy a dress or tailored fit gowns for any formal occasion. They might like this one dress for now, but they will end up wanting another one as their taste changes continuously. So, every time if you spend money on a dress that your little angels might wear just once or twice, you will definitely spend a lot. Instead, you can opt for renting the dress for your event and enjoy it as much as you would with a purchased dress.

2. Save space in your girl’s closet

Not only mamas but also our little girls want to look stunning for any special event. Yet the long gowns or bulky dresses need quite some space to store them which does not have to be easy for everyone. Dress renting service will not only help you to save money, but also some space in the closet.

3. Save time while renting online

Renting a dress online for your little girls definitely proves favorable if you prefer to do online shopping from the comfort of your home. With the evolving technology that makes everything more accessible for us, you can just comfortably browse through our webpage to see all the dresses. With another click, you can then order the dress and have it delivered straight to your home. It will not only save your time but also the effort of going to different stores and wait in lines in order to find the perfect dress.

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4. Be environment friendly

By renting the dress instead of buying it, you are helping to reduce the environmental impact of unused clothing. With the increasing textile production as well as bad clothing disposal every year, the environment suffers terribly from the harmful effects of the industry. Yet by renting the dress, you are basically contributing to a kind of clothes recycling which helps to reduce the greenhouse gases and conserve the vital energy. It is crucial to be environmental friendly in every aspect of our life and to preserve the planet for our next generations.

5. Explore and try new styles

Another great benefit of the dress renting is to show your daughter’s originality. Renting and returning the dress enables mums to explore new styles for their little ones. Having a different dress on each occasion will let your angels not only feel special, but also to stand out from the crowd every time. But that’s not all! Dresses that are for rent are usually unique pieces which differ from those in stores and cannot be found everywhere. Our L’ANISÉ dresses are apart from unique also handmade and now made accessible to everyone. So, mums seize this opportunity to try various dresses on your little princess and let them bring out their individuality.

light blue mini baby girl dress with a tulle skirt and flower embellishment

Choose one from our handmade L'ANISÉ Dresses

6. Be luxurious

Not only L’ANISÉ Dresses but also other formal gowns might be quite an expensive matter not affordable for everyone. We know that and that’s why we want to make it possible for all little girls to feel beautiful and confident regardless of their situation. If you have a special event coming soon yet you are tight on your budget, with L’ANISÉ you can still create great memories for everyone. Instead of paying a large sum for a dress that will be worn only once, why not just rent it for less than half the cost and turn your daughter into a beautiful princess with the luxurious dress for the event?

short bright pink flower girl dress

7. Show your daughter's outfit on Social media

If you’re a person who likes to keep up with the latest fashion trends as well as being engaged on social media, dress renting option is just for you. Are you attending a social event or just planning to have a simple family photo shooting with your little ones to create some memories with them? Why don’t you just rent the dress for that special day and then give it back? You will have some great photos to share on social media for your family and friends to see. But also, if you’re inspired by influencers, for example on Instagram, you can simply rent the dress and do some photos to recreate the style. Photos are timeless and looking at them some time later will bring back great memories. But who knows, showing your daughter’s outfit might also help other people who struggle with outfit ideas for their girls same as you do.

With the children growing up so fast, it is not necessary to buy an expensive dress for it to be worn once or twice. Also, even if your daughter loves this pink dress today, she might like the purple one tomorrow. Children’s taste change continuously and you never know what will catch their attention soon. Therefore, we created this new option of the dress renting for you so that you could still make your daughters feel like real princesses and create unforgettable memories for them while growing up. It does not necessarily mean that you have to spend a lot of money for your daughters to look beautiful. They surely don’t need an expensive dress to look pretty or feel confident.

We believe that all little princesses look most beautiful with the brightest smile on their face. But wearing a stunning dress on any special occasion, regardless of being bought or rented, makes them look gorgeous and feel special, which completes the look.

We would like to know your opinion and answer your questions in the section below or contact us on our social media platforms. Until the next post, stay healthy and wait for more surprises from us :)

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