Dress for rent - You spoke, we listened


When a customer walks through the door into our showroom for the second or third time, to us, she is no longer just a buyer, but a person who belongs to the L’ANISE community. These customers are part of our family that help the brand to grow and affirm more and more every day. 

And Myriem is one of them. A beautiful lady with a radiant smile that would do everything for her little girl Amira to make her happy. For Amira's 5th birthday, Myriem bought her daughter Dana Dress from L’ANISE, but for this birthday the theme was very personalised, and she wanted a dress to fit the theme fairy tale and specifically Ice queen Disney®. Even after some suggestions that the girls in the showroom made to her, Myriem was still not convinced to choose one.

I wanted a dress that fits the theme but also an affordable and beautiful one at the same time. I knew it was going to be probably difficult to find such a combination at L’ANISE because the quality of the dresses is amazing and so the dresses have their own price.”

But after talking to Anisa, she told me that there was an adapted option for this occasion and that is to rent this dress for 29€. I was overjoyed to hear that from her because I have never heard of this option before."

myriem testimonial about renting service at L'ANISE

"Thank you L’ANISE for the great solution that you gave to me. My friends who were invited to the party also loved the option of renting. What a beautiful win-win situation.


Alina happened to pass by our showroom, surprised by the fairy tale dresses and imagined how beautiful they would look on her daughter and niece. After Tamara, one of our team member in the showroom, told her that the dresses are handmade and unique, the desire to have one of them was even bigger. 

A few days later she came with her daughter, sister, and niece to choose one of the dresses as her niece Bianca was invited to be the flower girl at a very beautiful and special wedding. The girls marveled at the dresses because they looked like real princesses, beautiful with their angelic world. Bianca's favorite dress was Anja Dress. They left with a great desire to come back again to buy the dress. 

She fell in love with it instantly. Such a gorgeous handmade dress, with fantastic details has its price and for Ana, Bianca’s mom, this amount was rather considerable, and she needed to think about it before making a decision.

Unfortunately, due to some abrupt personal issues at that time, I could not afford to spend so much money for the dress that my daughter wanted so badly,”

“I ordered another one for a lower price in my hometown instead, but that dress arrived just one day before the wedding and it did not fit my daughter. With the upcoming wedding and no dress for my little one, we were getting so desperate and felt as though having no choice left. At that point, I decided to call Anisa, the owner of LANISE, and to ask her if Ana’s dress was still available.”

Feeling hopeless about the situation, we didn’t expect much. Yet to our amazement, Anisa came up with the brilliant idea that was for us to have the dress just for the wedding. The dress was for a lower price of 49 euros, for 2 days and giving it back on Monday. We couldn’t be happier. 

testimonial from Alina about dress renting service at L'ANISÉ

I invite you to take a look at the photos to see the reflection of happiness in my daughter’s eyes. Thank you L’ANISE for this fantastic new service and option you offered to us and also for the quick helpful solution you provided to me. We will come back to you again.    

From our happy eco-friendly princesses

This dress is very pretty. I have rented it for my daughter’s birthday party. It had the perfect fit. Such a nice fabric quality. It looks so beautiful on my little princess. The best part is the dress was exactly the same as you see in the pictures on the website. Thank you L’ANISÉ for making such amazing dresses and also giving us the option not only to buy but also to rent. We will be back for the next event. 


We rented 2 beautiful dresses for our daughter Bora at L’ANISÉ Showroom in Frankfurt. I haven’t heard about the renting service before so I was amazed when Anisa suggested it to me. Bora had so much fun playing dress-up with the dresses and she changed it twice. The quality and details of the dresses are just impeccable! We had great memories in the Eid Party and had a lot of fun seeing our daughter so happy.


The dress is perfect thank you so much! My daughter Ela was beyond happy. Thank you so much for putting a smile on her face. We didn’t have any occasion, we just rented it because she wanted to have some pictures with a dress in a lilac color and we ended up holding the dress because she felt in love and didn’t want to give that back ☺.


I loved the Lea dress so much! The fabric the colour and the fit was perfect for my daughter’s birthday. Thank you so much L’ANISÉ for this amazing dress and for the renting service! My daughter Amina looked like a true princess and her themed birthday party couldn’t be complete without this gorgeous princess dress!


The Fairy Tail dress Anja was perfect for my daughter as a flower girl. She, like her Mommy, absolutely loved the dress. The material and details of this dress are of a very high quality. Definitely worth to rent it. With a little amount of money, only 49€, my daughter was the star of the wedding. Thank you for making such beautifully hand-crafted dresses.